Rumah Kuntilanak

Melani, two months pregnant, goes to a rubber plantation to look for her husband. Her husband called the place to meet someone who would give him a job. However, it has been almost two months that her husband has not returned or given any news. There are two old buildings, one that looks like a house and one that looks like an inn. That's why Melani stopped by to sleep. There is a man who dug a hole every day. It turns out that the man is her husband. That night she approached the main building. In the building, there is Mrs. Loan, who, since her husband died, has been confined. Mrs. Loan keeps a man in her room to satisfy her lust. The man is Melani's husband. Melani gives birth there. Mrs. Loan wants the baby. Melani's husband meets Melani and tells her that he can't get back because now he belongs to Mrs. Loan. Because he's dead. It turns out that all have become ghosts there.

80 Minutes

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