18x2 Beyond Youthful Days

Ami, a backpacker from Japan who is four years older than high school student Jimmy, shows up at his part-time job. The two end up spending the summer working at the same store, but Jimmy gradually develops a faint crush on Ami. The two of them grew closer as they rode motorcycles together at night and went to the movies, but suddenly, Ami decided to return to Japan. Ami proposes her "one promise" to Jimmy, who can't sort out his feelings. As time passes, Jimmy visits his parents' house for the first time in a while and finds a postcard that Ami sent him 18 years ago when she returned to Japan. Jimmy's memories of his first love come back to him, and he takes his first solo trip to Japan to confront his past and examine his present. Jimmy rides the train while listening to songs that remind him of his memories with Ami, and he heads to her hometown. Will Jimmy be able to reunite with Ami?

124 Minutes